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I started taking photos of the Hollywood Characters in August of 2006 for slide shows to go along with a comedy CD I had made. I dressed up as Jason from Friday The Thirteenth one day for a photo shoot with some of the characters and a funny thing happened, tourists would ask me for photos with them and started throwing money at me. After I got the pictures I needed I went back to my car and counted the money. I had stumbled upon a way to work part time and survive Los Angeles, get exposure as an actor, and improve my improve skills while working the tourists, blind luck. After posting some of my videos I got a message on my YouTube channel from a director saying he heard I was downplaying his film and that he had just sold it, that film was Confessions of a Superhero, lol. I had never spoke bad about the film or the director and had just been introduced to the insidious gossiping lower levels of Hollywood that like to pit people against each other, welcome to Hollywood. I must say in fairness that the stars and the town have been very good to me.


While working the tourists on Hollywood Blvd. as a street performer I always carried a pocket camera, when things got slow I would make chintzy productions with the other performers then stay up all night editing. After making over 300 short films I wrote a movie about life as a Hollywood Character and filmed it over a 3.5 year span. Enjoy.

Woggie Movie – Watch & Download Free
A man travels to Los Angeles seeking fame but ends up in a dinosaur costume at the Hollywood Highland Mall offering photos to tourists for cash donations.
Written & directed by Abe R. Rated.

Woggie Webisodes – Watch & Download Free
12 Webisodes taken from the feature film Woggie (2012).

Woggie Trailer - 3:51

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