John vs. the Purple Dinosaur | KCET Video

About the above video.
Yes, it is part of my routine to draw attention from tourists and get photos by sometimes being silly, I am sure John is a nice man but what if he went to the same comedy club every night and saw the same comic perform the same routine time after time? He would most likely get bored with it and start heckling the performer. I have been harassed by many a local claiming to be part of a various “Neighborhood Associations”, they tell me I am not funny as a couple hundred tourists stand behind them laughing, I never bought into it. I would however like to apologize for what happened sometime later. As I was getting photos with tourists he came walking by and threw a chewed up piece of coffee cake inside my Barney mask, with children around I ignored him. A couple hours later as I was leaving Hollywood Blvd. and crossing the street he showed up once more and threw a cup of vodka on my costume, then walked away. After 5 years of ignoring sometimes brutal harassment as a street performer, I got physical. With no kids or tourists around I took my Barney head off, ran up behind him, jumped on his back and put him in a headlock taking him to the ground. I repeated “Stay the ‘F’ away from me” and didn’t let him up until he agreed to leave me alone. As a man that hates violence I was in disbelief of my behavior and decided to take break from Hollywood Blvd. for a while. So with that being said, John, “I apologize”.


While working the tourists on Hollywood Blvd. as a street performer I always carried a pocket camera, when things got slow I would make chintzy productions with the other performers then stay up all night editing. After making over 300 short films I wrote a movie about life as a Hollywood Character and filmed it over a 3.5 year span. Enjoy.

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A man travels to Los Angeles seeking fame but ends up in a dinosaur costume at the Hollywood Highland Mall offering photos to tourists for cash donations.
Written & directed by Abe R. Rated.

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12 Webisodes taken from the feature film Woggie (2012).

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